Stefan Fransson

Digital Collage.
102 artworks

In this gallery, I will show a selection of my prints.

Analog Collages
10 artworks

This is a collection of my analog collages. They are hand cut with scissors, and I have used prints of my digital collages as material.

My Paris Works
10 artworks

Works from a period of time when I lived and worked in Paris.

My Lisbon Works
49 artworks

In this gallery I will show works that I created during a year, when I lived and worked in Lisbon.

3 artworks

Beam project.
8 artworks

Selection of works that are included in a commission for a CD cover for a CD by the jazz pianist and composer Dan Costa.

New, or not yet published
777 artworks

In this Gallery I will show new works, or not yet published images.

7 artworks

In this gallery, I will show my paintings.

17 artworks

In this gallery,I will show my 3-dimensional works

Ongoing 3D project. Twigs.
11 artworks

This is a sculptural project that I am working on now. It is inspired by twigs and how they take the light. Shadows and light is the theme and the visual inspiration comes from twigs.

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